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Lytton Springs ARC (A Brief History)   Captain W. H. Litton was a colorful figure in early Sonoma County history. He dabbled in land speculation, making and losing several fortunes, Lytton Springs being his last major enterprise (by 1898 his name was misspelled on official maps to “Lytton”—as it remains today).    The Captain, his wife and their investors owned a large piece of land straddling Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys, which included Lytton Springs (with a hotel, mineral baths, seltzer water and mineral water springs) and Lytton Station (a railroad stop to serve the hotel and curative springs).    In an area along the main wagon road between Geyserville and Healdsburg, known on old maps as “The Plaines,” there developed a small community centered around a hot springs resort established by Capt. W. H. Litton. The Litton Hot Spring Resort was developed in 1875 and remained a health resort under various ownerships.   A Northwestern Pacific Railroad station and a one-room school were established at Litton (later spelled “Lytton”) in about 1895.   The property was donated to the Salvation Army in 1904.   The Army ran a boarding school there for orphans until the 1950s when it became its current Thrift Shop and Adult Rehabilitation Center.

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